The Jerusalem Prayer List December 17, 2015

This Sabbath the Jewish Synagogues are going to be reading from Genesis 44:18 to chapter 47:27.  This is the core of the story of Joseph and his brothers.  In last week portion Benjamin is accused by Joseph of stealing and Joseph demands to keep Benjamin in Egypt.  So, this week Judah steps up to the plate and speaks one of the most emotionally moving monologues.  In this speech Judah actually retells the story of Jacob’s family and confesses the sin of the brothers against Joseph, but the most important side of Judah’s speech is that now Judah takes the leadership… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List December 13, 2015

By Joseph Shulam – From Jerusalem, Israel I wish you all a very Happy Hanukkah.  Hanukkah is what the Apostle John wrote in John 10:22-23, “And it was the feast of the dedication at Jerusalem: it was winter; and Jesus was walking in the temple in Solomon’s porch.” May the Lord bless you all with light that you can share with those around you!  You are our dear Prayer Partners and fellow Disciples of Yeshua from all around the world and a part of the ONE BODY of the Messiah connected and rightly fit together. I am late in writing… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List December 2nd, 2015

By Joseph Shulam from Jerusalem, Israel Praise the Lord, Marcia has returned home after celebrating “Thanksgiving” with her family in Tennessee.  Terrorism is our daily bread in Israel for the last few months.  Every day there are Arab/Palestinians, young and old, male and female, who leave their homes or their work with a knife or an axe or some other instrument in order to kill a Jew or two.  They do this with the full knowledge that most likely they will not return home alive.  Most of those terrorists who go out to kill Jews know well that the statistics… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List – November 19th, 2015

  Joseph Shulam – from Beijing, China “What you see from here you can’t see from there.” This is a Hebrew phrase that might not be fully understood translated into English. The meaning of this phrase is you can’t really understand things unless you are actually an insider. Of course, English and other languages have similar phrases. In English, you have something like: “You can’t judge an Indian unless you walk a mile in his shoes.” I have been traveling and teaching the Bible in China for many years. I have seen the mega changes that have been taking place… Read More

Thank you from Netivyah

Shalom Friends of Netivyah, November is here and came in with cooler weather and lots of rain this past week, for which we are always grateful in this Land. Joe is traveling all over the Far East, including Japan, China, The Philippines and Korea. Marcia is visiting with family in the United States. Please keep them both in your prayers for good health and strength; spiritually, physically and emotionally. The good word around here now is that we have started distributing food again! We are so very blessed to begin this work, as we believe with all our hearts, that… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List October 15, 2015

By Joseph Shulam I am in Chino, Japan, today.  From here I shall be traveling to Nagoya to do the second seminar on the prophet Zechariah.  Brother Ishiida Naoji is traveling with me and interpreting the teaching to Japanese.  Please pray for us on this trip and ask God to keep us healthy and safe.  Yuda is traveling with Ishiida Shoji – the younger brother of Naoji and they are teaching in other places but today we will meet in Nagoya.  Please add to your prayer Yuda and Shoji. Marcia, my dear wife, has arrived in Los Angeles and she… Read More


Jerusalem Prayer List September 25, 2015 By Joseph Shulam We are now the day after the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, and it seems like everyone is recuperating from the fast and from the many hours of prayer in the Congregation.  I have written before that there is no other city in the world even remotely close to the size of Jerusalem that just stops everything, and near everyone in the city stops working, driving, no shops, no restaurants, no private or public transportation.  The streets are full of children walking and riding bicycles and rollerblades.  The synagogues and places… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List September 17th, 2015

by Joseph Shulam We are less than a week before Yom HaKippurim, the Day of Atonement.  Jerusalem becomes a very special place on every Biblical Holiday, but on Yom Kippur it becomes very special.  I have already written about Yom Kippur in Jerusalem before.  This time I would like to share with you why I think that for me there is no Messiah other than Yeshua, and if Yeshua is not the Messiah Israel and the world does not have a Messiah at all and no one is coming to save us or the world. Here are some simple facts:… Read More

Shana Tova!

Dear Friends and Family! The Jewish year is almost over and the Holiday season is at our doorstep. In Jewish custom it is time to take stock and also time for new beginnings and renewal. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you all for your partnership, for your sacrifice and generosity. May this year bring you sweet and refreshing taste of God’s love and blessings in your lives! With much love and appreciation, Joseph and Marcia Shulam and the Netivyah staff

Jerusalem Prayer List September 10th, 2015

Joseph Shulam from Jerusalem, Israel Sunday night is the evening of Rosh Hashanah.  Monday is the first day of the year 5776.  Jewish people don’t really know what this date stands for, but it is traditional to say that it is from the creation of the world.  I don’t know if that is true, but as the Fiddler on the Roof says, “We have tradition for everything . . .” The more significant part of Rosh Hashanah is that according to the Bible the 1st Day of Tishrei (The seventh month according to the Biblical calendar).  The Word of God… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List September 3, 2015

Jerusalem Prayer List September 3, 2015 By Joseph Shulam Five weeks before the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh HaShana- the Jewish New Year) starts a series of five Sabbaths that are called “Sabbaths of Comfort – in Aramaic שבת דנחמתא.” The reading of the Haftarah (the portion of the prophets) for these five weeks comes from Isaiah the Prophet.  It starts with Isaiah chapter 40 and continues from there north.  This week is the 4th week of “Sabbath of Comfort.”  The reading this week is from Isaiah chapter 60:1-22.  This chapter is one of my favorite chapters in Isaiah. The prophet Isaiah is… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List August 27th, 2015

By Joseph Shulam – Jerusalem, Israel. Functioning as a “Rabbi” in the community of Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in Jerusalem is a challenge that preachers under normal Christian Diaspora circumstances don’t really face. There is not a day that passes whereby some well-meaning “Wannabe Jew” does not send me some theological or practical question.  Normally I would not comment on this topic at all, and I don’t believe that I have actually done so in recent years.  However, there are two questions that have been persistent in the last few months and I feel that it is a must to… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List August 20, 2015

By Joseph Shulam The Prophet Zechariah uses an interesting phrase: “O prisoners of hope.”  This phrase has captured my heart.  “Hope” is one of the major forces of life for all the human race.  Paul puts “Hope” in a triangle with “Faith” and “Love.”  These three are actually not emotions, and not feelings, they are forces, and they are keys that enable the human being to be strong, decisive, and dedicated to a cause even during the darkest moments of life.  Now Zechariah uses the word “Prisoners” in conjunction with “Hope” and that was what intrigued me.  You would think… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List August 13th, 2015

By Joseph Shulam Paul gives instructions to Timothy about so many topics, but one particular issue is very misunderstood.  This particular issue is one that needs to be objectively discussed.  This prayer list is not a big and a broad enough platform to do justice to this portion, and we are reading this Sabbath the portion of the week “Re’eh” (Deut.  11:26-16:17), and in this reading there are many social justice issues, and also the permitted foods are listed in details. This brings me to Paul’s first letter Timothy 4:1-5,  “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 25, 2015

We are in Middle Tennessee.  We are staying with our son’s family, Barry and with Beth.  Joey our grandson is in summer camp in Virginia.  In this part of the country we have family and many friends.  It is fun to visit friends and old acquaintances.  It keeps us busy and happy to have good memories to share and opportunities to speak and share about Israel and God’s Work through Netivyah. The building in Jerusalem is being finished and of course the problems never cease.  The fire department has to give an approval of the fire hazard safety that we… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List – June 19, 2015

By Joseph Shulam This week the Parasha (The Torah Portion) is Korah.  Who was Korah?  He is best rememberd as Korah who carried a rebellion against Aaron and Moses. Korah was from the tribe of Levi.  Korah the son of Izhar the son of Kohath the son of Levi.  Therefore Korah was a cousin of Moses and Aaron.  This is actually something that I did not know before today.   It makes the whole story of Korah’s rebellion even more interesting for me.  Here is a member of the family of Moses and Aaron, a son of the same tribe. The… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 11, 2015

Joseph Shulam from the city of Nokia, Finland We arrived from Stockholm to Vaasa, Finland on Monday.  It was such a big pleasure to be in Vaasa with the Hong Family.  I really feel like this family is my family.   We had a meeting in the Methodist Church in Vaasa, but most of the people who attended were brothers and sisters from West Finland.  There were people with whom we have fellowship since the early 1980’s and many of them have committed to the Restoration of the Church and of Israel and they have been living a life of obedience… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 3, 2015

By Joseph Shulam This prayer list is an instrument and a guide what to pray for and some light teaching from God’s Word.  Tonight Marcia and I will travel to Sweden and from there to Finland and from there to the United States.  My first prayer request is especially for Marcia’s health. This kind of travel is not easy.  We will be two or three days here and there and on constant go go go.  It is hard enough for a healthy person, but for Marcia it is doubly hard.  She is a real trooper, but both Marcia and I… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List May 28th, 2015

By Joseph Shulam The temperature in Israel was between 40° to 44° degrees Celsius.  In Fahrenheit the temperature would measure between 101° to 112°.  Wind from the Arabian Desert swept through the whole region.  More than one bad wind is coming sweeping through the Middle East.  It looks like Syria is falling into the hands of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, both of these organizations are not vegetarian.  They are both Jihadist Islamic Organizations and neither one of them loves live Christians or Jews, or Muslims of a different Islamic conviction.  We need to pray that the summer heat is not… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List
May 21, 2015

By Joseph Shulam Last Shabbat we finished reading the book of Leviticus and this next Shabbat we are starting the book of Numbers.  In Hebrew the names of the Bible books are not logical names.  The names of the Biblical books, and especially in the Torah are normally the first word of the text.   Exodus is the book that tells the story of the Exodus of the children of Israel from the slavery in Egypt, but in Hebrew it is called “Names” – Shemoth in Hebrew.  Leviticus means “The book of the Levites” – this makes sense when you look… Read More