The Jerusalem Prayer List July 14, 2017

By Joseph Shulam – from home This week the synagogues around the world read from Numbers 25:10 – 30:1. This is a very dramatic reading.  The two stories that make this portion of the Torah are the deed of Pinchas who took the law into his own hands, and the story of the daughters of Zelophehad (27:1-11).  I shall focus on the aspect which has received less attention:  comparing Torah laws on the right of daughters to inherit with the practice of the ancient nations around us. The daughters of Zelophehad came to Moses with a story and a request:  “Our father… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List July 6, 2017

Jerusalem Prayer List July 6, 2017 Joseph Shulam This week’s portion of the Torah is Balak (Numbers 22:2 – 25:9).  Balak was king of Moab.  Moab was born by Lot’s daughter who after the fall of Sodom raped her father together with her sister under the false believe that the whole world was destroyed and humanity will disappear if there is no one to continue it.  Lot’s two daughters acted under the impression that they and their father are the last human beings left on earth.  The offspring of Lot and his daughters became Israel’s most bitter enemies and that… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 29th, 2017

By Joseph Shulam – From Nashville, Tennessee Last weeks’ Torah Portion was very dramatic.  A great family from the tribe of Levi was swallowed alive by the earth because of their rebellion against Moses and Aaron.  This dramatic move of God was as the Hebrew proverb says: So that they can see and fear the Lord.  The God of Israel is gracious and longsuffering full of loving kindness, grace and truth.  However, He is also the LORD of Hosts and God Almighty, and He can be a consuming fire.  As much as I would like to stay with a God… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 22, 2017

  Joseph Shulam – Mount Juliet, Tennessee The reading of this week is a double portion of Korah – Numbers 16:1 -18:32. Korah is the ultimate lesson in leadership in time of crisis. I suppose that in a life time of every leader there are moments that could be suggestive of the situation of Moses and his cousins the family of Korah. We have already seen in Numbers 12 the rebellion of Aaron and Miriam, the older brother and older sister of Moses who have been his first hand personal supporters and partners in the leadership of Israel out of… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List – June 15, 2017

By Joseph Shulam from Vaasa, Finland We had a wonderful week in Finland.  Marcia is with me and it has been such a joy to see the young generation take charge and leadership in the Restoration Movement in Finland.  We started with the annual seminar in Karmel Koti.  This seminar started more than 30 years ago, and it was 25 years ago dedicated to the memory of Maria Tucker, Dr. Tim Tucker’s loving wife who died in a car accident.  Every year several hundred brothers and sisters from all around Finland gather for an intense week-end of study and worship… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 8, 2017

By Joseph Shulam We have just arrived in Finland to the home of our dear brothers Keijo and  Salme Lindeman in the city of Nokia.  It is Thursday and as it is the day that I normally write the Jerusalem prayer list – I am faithful to my habit and writing this prayer list before we enter the Sauna.  In Finland guest are usually initiated with a welcome by invitation to the Sauna, and we are guest so we are going to the sauna with our very gracious hosts of near four decades.  Keijo is a professor of electrical engineering… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 1, 2017

By Joseph Shulam Jerusalem’s Jubilee (50 years from the 6th Day war in 1967) was truly a great celebration in Jerusalem.  Christian tourists came from all around the world, and the Koreans outdid them all.  They had a “Shalom Yerushalayim” festival with colorful shows and a wonderful traditional Korean fashion.  The Israeli public came to the International Congress Center in Jerusalem and filled it and there were several Rabbis and Parliament members from Israel and from the United States who participated.  In a time when the United Nations are making declarations that are far from reality and from the Bible… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List – May 25 2017

By Joseph Shulam   This last seven days were full of celebration in Jerusalem.  It was the annual Jerusalem day and then President Donald Trump visited Israel and yesterday was the 50th Jubilee year for the unification of Jerusalem.  Very busy time and full of celebration for all of Israel but specially for Jerusalem.  Of course celebrations are wonderful and the city was dressed up with flags and there were lights decorating the walls of the Old City with scenes of Israel’s history both ancient and more recent.  President Trump’s visit was pleasing to most of the people of Israel… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List – May 18, 2017

By Joseph Shulam The first time that we meet the work “pray” in the Bible is in Genesis 20:7, Gen. 20:7 “Now then, return the man’s wife, for he is a prophet, so that he will pray for you, and you shall live. But if you do not return her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours.” The context of this text is that Abraham told Abimelech like he did previously to Pharaoh that Sara was his sister.  Obviously, our father Abraham was not above sin and this so called “White Lie” is not really… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List May 12 2017

Today I was so busy all the day long that I could not write the prayer list today.  This one will be short but important. This next week we will have many guests who are coming to Israel for the Feast of Weeks – Shavuot – Pentecost.  We will have President Trump will come to Jerusalem.  Brothers and Sisters from China are coming, and brothers from Dallas, Texas, are also coming.  In addition to these dear guests there will be in Jerusalem a celebration of the 50 year Jubilee of the liberation of Jerusalem.  All of the above need your… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List May 4th, 2017

By Joseph Shulam NEWS: UNESCO disavows Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem in 22-10 vote.  Again, UNESCO past an anti-Israeli, anti-history, anti-logic, and anti-Bible resolution.  The Arab States have an automatic majority in all the UN.  They can pass resolutions that the moon is made of Swiss Cheese that was stolen from the home of Hag Amin El-Husseini by the Jews who died in the Holocaust and the UN will approve the resolution and condemn Israel.  For those of us who believe The Word of God and know the promises of God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, it is not important what… Read More

MAY 2017

May 2017 Shalom Dear Friends of Netivyah, Joseph and a small group from Roeh Israel, just returned from a memorable teaching tour of the 7 Churches of Revelation in Turkey. It was the perfect end to a wonderful Passover/Unleavened Bread Holiday. We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued upholding of Netivyah and all that God has blessed us to do here in our Beloved Israel! It would be an “impossible dream” without your support. On May 2, we will celebrate the 69th year of Israel’s independence. The day before is Memorial Day, the day… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List – April 28, 2017

Jerusalem Prayer List April 28, 2017 By Joseph Shulam Yesterday we  returned home from 10 days in Turkey.  We took a group of 16 people to Turkey to visit and learn from the seven churches of Asia MinoR. Marcia and I also met some dear friends and fellow travelers on the path to God.  The meeting with these Muslim seekers and their Sufi Master (Sufies are Islamic Mystics – like Orthodox Jews delve in Kabbalah – Sufies delve in “Islamic mysticism”.) was really blessed and this “Master” is reading and studying very seriously the whole Bible with his disciples.  I ask you… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List – April 20, 2017

Jerusalem Prayer List From Istanbul By Joseph Shulam April 20th, 2017 Marcia and I arrived in Istanbul on the 18th of April. On the 19th of April, I had the privilege of meeting a small group of Muslims who are keenly interested in reconciliation and relationship with both Jews and Christians. We had a very deep and meaningful conversation of several hours and ended with very warm and cordial brotherly hugs. This was a good experience of both an honest dialogue and a deep desire for reconciliation and interest in seeking truth and good relationship. In our days of tumultuous… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List April 13, 2017

By Joseph Shulam This is the 3rd Day of Passover. We had a wonderful Passover Seder in our congregation in Jerusalem. There were 90 participants in the new building of Netivyah in Jerusalem. We had several guests from the USA and guests from China and Taiwan who participated in our Seder. For some of our guests this was the first time ever that they participated in a Passover Seder. It is always a joy and a privilege to remember the work of the LORD in the deliverance of Israel and a mixed multitude of non-Israelites out of slavery and into… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List April 7, 2017

By Joseph Shulam   Shabbat before the Passover is called Shabbat HaGadol (The Great Sabbath). The source of this name for comes from the Haftarah the reading from the Prophet Malachi 3:23, on this Shabbat. Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord. (Malachi 3:23) Malachi is speaking of the day of salvation.  Which is the “great and terrible day of the Lord.”  The Passover, which is the ultimate day of salvation and redemption is the hallmark and the pattern of the final salvation and redemption.  It is the… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List – March 31, 2017

The Jerusalem Prayer List March 31, 2017 By Joseph Shulam   The reading this week is from Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26. The book of Leviticus is the Priestly Code – the first chapters are somewhat tedious dealing with all the details of the sacrifices, the kind of animals, and how to butcher them before the sacrifices. What parts of the animals are burned totally and what parts are eaten by the priests. I would like to share with you the broader picture of why there are sacrifices as a human phenomenon. First, sacrifices are a part of just about all… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List – March 25, 2017

By Joseph Shulam This prayer list is going to be short.  The main issues to pray for is the leadership of Netivyah. Pray for the relationship of Israel and the United States of America. Pray for the leadership of the Palestinians and the Hamas that is controlling the Gaza Strip. Pray for the following people who are ill and need God’s merciful touch for healing. Yehuda H., Yael E., Keijo and Salme, Leah K., David S., Sarit, Miriam, Hannah, Ruby, Greg, Benjamin Sol, Daniel P., Ahuva, Ilana, Joe M., Emmet M., Gloria D., Bobby M., Ruby, John M., Gary, Aharon… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List March 16, 2017

By Joseph Shulam The Torah Portion (Parashah) this week is Ki Tisa from Exodus 30:11 – 34:35, it tells the story of the rebellion of the children of Israel at the very foot of Mount Sinai.  Moses was up on the top of Mount Sinai talking to God and receiving the Torah. The children of Israel were down at the foot of the mountain – prepared to receive the Torah – cleansed, and impatient and they ask Aaron to give them a god that will walk before them and lead them to the promised land and out of the desert. … Read More