Jerusalem Prayer List August 27th, 2015

By Joseph Shulam – Jerusalem, Israel. Functioning as a “Rabbi” in the community of Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in Jerusalem is a challenge that preachers under normal Christian Diaspora circumstances don’t really face. There is not a day that passes whereby some well-meaning “Wannabe Jew” does not send me some theological or practical question.  Normally I would not comment on this topic at all, and I don’t believe that I have actually done so in recent years.  However, there are two questions that have been persistent in the last few months and I feel that it is a must to… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List August 20, 2015

By Joseph Shulam The Prophet Zechariah uses an interesting phrase: “O prisoners of hope.”  This phrase has captured my heart.  “Hope” is one of the major forces of life for all the human race.  Paul puts “Hope” in a triangle with “Faith” and “Love.”  These three are actually not emotions, and not feelings, they are forces, and they are keys that enable the human being to be strong, decisive, and dedicated to a cause even during the darkest moments of life.  Now Zechariah uses the word “Prisoners” in conjunction with “Hope” and that was what intrigued me.  You would think… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List August 13th, 2015

By Joseph Shulam Paul gives instructions to Timothy about so many topics, but one particular issue is very misunderstood.  This particular issue is one that needs to be objectively discussed.  This prayer list is not a big and a broad enough platform to do justice to this portion, and we are reading this Sabbath the portion of the week “Re’eh” (Deut.  11:26-16:17), and in this reading there are many social justice issues, and also the permitted foods are listed in details. This brings me to Paul’s first letter Timothy 4:1-5,  “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 25, 2015

We are in Middle Tennessee.  We are staying with our son’s family, Barry and with Beth.  Joey our grandson is in summer camp in Virginia.  In this part of the country we have family and many friends.  It is fun to visit friends and old acquaintances.  It keeps us busy and happy to have good memories to share and opportunities to speak and share about Israel and God’s Work through Netivyah. The building in Jerusalem is being finished and of course the problems never cease.  The fire department has to give an approval of the fire hazard safety that we… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List – June 19, 2015

By Joseph Shulam This week the Parasha (The Torah Portion) is Korah.  Who was Korah?  He is best rememberd as Korah who carried a rebellion against Aaron and Moses. Korah was from the tribe of Levi.  Korah the son of Izhar the son of Kohath the son of Levi.  Therefore Korah was a cousin of Moses and Aaron.  This is actually something that I did not know before today.   It makes the whole story of Korah’s rebellion even more interesting for me.  Here is a member of the family of Moses and Aaron, a son of the same tribe. The… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 11, 2015

Joseph Shulam from the city of Nokia, Finland We arrived from Stockholm to Vaasa, Finland on Monday.  It was such a big pleasure to be in Vaasa with the Hong Family.  I really feel like this family is my family.   We had a meeting in the Methodist Church in Vaasa, but most of the people who attended were brothers and sisters from West Finland.  There were people with whom we have fellowship since the early 1980’s and many of them have committed to the Restoration of the Church and of Israel and they have been living a life of obedience… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List June 3, 2015

By Joseph Shulam This prayer list is an instrument and a guide what to pray for and some light teaching from God’s Word.  Tonight Marcia and I will travel to Sweden and from there to Finland and from there to the United States.  My first prayer request is especially for Marcia’s health. This kind of travel is not easy.  We will be two or three days here and there and on constant go go go.  It is hard enough for a healthy person, but for Marcia it is doubly hard.  She is a real trooper, but both Marcia and I… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List May 28th, 2015

By Joseph Shulam The temperature in Israel was between 40° to 44° degrees Celsius.  In Fahrenheit the temperature would measure between 101° to 112°.  Wind from the Arabian Desert swept through the whole region.  More than one bad wind is coming sweeping through the Middle East.  It looks like Syria is falling into the hands of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, both of these organizations are not vegetarian.  They are both Jihadist Islamic Organizations and neither one of them loves live Christians or Jews, or Muslims of a different Islamic conviction.  We need to pray that the summer heat is not… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List
May 21, 2015

By Joseph Shulam Last Shabbat we finished reading the book of Leviticus and this next Shabbat we are starting the book of Numbers.  In Hebrew the names of the Bible books are not logical names.  The names of the Biblical books, and especially in the Torah are normally the first word of the text.   Exodus is the book that tells the story of the Exodus of the children of Israel from the slavery in Egypt, but in Hebrew it is called “Names” – Shemoth in Hebrew.  Leviticus means “The book of the Levites” – this makes sense when you look… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List May 6, 2015

Please pray for the new government of Israel that was formed after strong birth pangs by Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu.  This government is facing great difficulties both from the inside and from the outside.  From the inside the Orthodox Jewish political parties and politicians will give Mr. Netanyahu a hard time because they will continue to squeeze the government in order to keep their young man from going to the army and share the burden of defense of the State of Israel.   Sources in the Israeli press say that Mr. Netanyahu has already promised them several billion NIS (about two billion… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer list April 30, 2015

Jerusalem Prayer List April 30th, 2015 By Joseph Shulam The earth quake in Nepal is such a terrible disaster for the people of Nepal and for the world cultural heritage.  Although the Nepalese temples were idolatrous and idol worship is the standard in Nepal like in much of the Asian Continent – these are still beautiful and ancient part of their heritage.  However, the most significant thing is the thousands of human lives that were lost and the thousand lives that are suffering from wounds and medical problems.  Young Israelis after the army service have a costume to pack a… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List April 23, 2015

The Jerusalem Prayer List April 23, 2015 By Joseph Shulam Today is the 67th Birthday of the State of Israel.  The celebration is as always very moving and emotional.  The existence of a Jewish State in the Land that God gave to Abraham and to his seed forever (See Genesis 13:15) is not self understood after two thousand years of exile.  To see the young generation of our congregation going to the army and becoming serious men proud to serve and to be fighters is such a immense joy.  Today we had our traditional Day of Independence picnic.  It was… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List April 16, 2015

Just a few minutes ago there was a one minute long siren to commemorate the Holocaust Memorial Day.  All the Restaurants and coffee shops and entertainment establishments in the land are closed and will remain closed until sunset this evening. The music in the radio and the programs on T.V. are all concentrated on the 6000000 million Jews and the many millions of people who were victims of the Nazi Germany during World War II.  In our office and on the streets of all of Israel people stood in attention during the minute long siren.  On all the T.V. news… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List April 9th, 2015

Joseph Shulam Passover always falls in our part of the world in springtime.  In fact one of the names of the month when Passover falls is Aviv that means springtime.  Passover is a very complex holiday because it an agricultural holiday.  It is the first harvest and in fact the harvest is so important that even if the day of the Passover falls on Shabbat – the harvest takes precedence and the reapers go out in the fields and begin to harvest.  This is actually the beginning of the counting of the OMER (Sheaves) for fifty days until the Feast… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List – Jerusalem, Israel, April 2, 2015

By Joseph Shulam Tomorrow evening it is Passover, and just before the Passover it is called in the New Testament (See: Matt 27:62, Mark 15:42, and John 19:14 . . .) Passover is the only Biblical Holiday in which there is such a thing as “The day of preparation.”  The reason for this is because for the Passover there is so much preparation.  First of all the leaven has to be removed from the house and the house has to be leaven free.  Second the leaven that is removed from the house has to be burned.  Third normally there is… Read More

Jerusalem Prayer List March 26, 2015

By Joseph Shulam The newly elected Prime Minister of Israel is not in the whirlpool of building a coalition.  It is much more complicated than putting together a 10,000 piece jig-saw puzzle.  Please pray for Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu and ask our Lord to bless Netanyahu with wisdom so that he can put together the best possible government coalition that can withstand the turbulent times that we are entering into now. Please pray for the issue of the Anussim/Marrano Jews.  The issues is catching steam these days and more and more Jewish people and Rabbis see the urgency and importance of… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List March 20th, 2015

By Joseph Shulam On Tuesday this week there was an election in Israel.  Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu who was the Prime Minister of Israel for the last nine years will be Prime Minister of Israel again.  Although it is not known for how long Mr. Netanyahu will be the Prime Minister because in Israel the term is four years, but there has not been a government that has sustained it’s term for more then three years.  In fact most of our governments last less than two years.  The election has not changed anything other than the attitude of the White House… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List March 12, 2015

By Joseph Shulam Things have calmed down after a very exciting week in the dedication of the New Synagogue of Netivyah in Jerusalem.  The dedication was a wonderful experience connected with the feast of Purim.  It started with a special dedication service that included the placing of the Mezuzah on the front door, and than bringing the Torah Scroll in to the Synagogue.  This was a real joyful occasion for everyone but especially for the Netivyah staff.  They worked so hard to make this event a success and they did make it a success.  We had people from all around… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List March 5, 2015

By Joseph Shulam The Feast of Purim is celebrated tonight in Jerusalem.  Last night it was celebrated in the rest of Israel and around the world, but because Jerusalem is a city with a wall around it than the celebration is one day later.  Last night we had the dedication of the New Synagogue for Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in Jerusalem.  This is a first in Jerusalem, and may be in Israel.  The architecture is that of a Synagogue, and the worship style and content is the same as in every normal Synagogue and the reading of the Torah, and… Read More

The Jerusalem Prayer List February 25, 2015

By Joseph Shulam We are back in Israel and in full speed preparing for the dedication of the new Synagogue for the Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in Jerusalem.  We are always optimistic, but optimism has its limits.  We need a whole lot of prayer these days for at least partial preparation of the new building for the dedication service.  It is clear now that not everything will be ready or finished and ready for use.  There are many works that might seem minor compared to the cement and stone, a whole lot of finishing work and furnishing work that needs… Read More