1. Aliza on June 29, 2016 at 8:01 am

    I agree, so many needs but so few workers. The word of G-d must be feared (reverenced) so that it must remain sanctified before those who are teachers and for those who are yet to be reached. No easy task. But as Ruth was told to reap only in the fields of Boaz, we who follow must also adhere to this principle. That is to only go and do as instructed by the L-rd. Otherwise we are subject to the attacks of the enemy. Heresy comes in when manipulation by leaders is the practice. Freedom to become all you can be in him and for him must be the goal of each, so our service can remain undefiled. This is many times hindered by too many rules, forced observance and memberships before you are ready. Teachers must be the most earnest, compassionate but most qualified to teach the new believers. Speaking for myself, I have suffered under teachers who knew less than the students, and Rabbi’s who were leading congregations simply because they were Jews who became believers. I wish you well and for the whole body to become a sanctuary for a hurting world through Messiah.

  2. Alejandro on January 9, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Shalom, Joseph!

    It’s Alejandro, we have spoken via email about “Restoring Relationship with The Jewish Community.”

    Do you have any connections with the brothers at TorahResource.com? I have found them to be humble men (whom are both blood-line Jews and Non-Jews) who love Yeshua and uphold the Torah. They stand for scholarship on a high-degree within all levels and the points you have wrote down in this article. With discernment from what I’ve watched in their videos via youtube and vimeo, I see great men of God who uphold Yeshua to the core, don’t nullify the Torah, and defend Sha’ul who is constantly being attacked. Check on them if you can or have the Elders in Netivyah watch/read their teachings. May we stand in unity together in knowledge, truth, and love for our God and Savior, preparing the way for the King’s arrival. Blessings, Joseph and all in Netivyah!

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