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  1. Ken on March 30, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    Greetings in His Name
    I have been blessed reading this article and others on the web site, thank you. As a gentile believer I have been rediscovering the Jewish roots of the faith which has been a source of blessing to me. I would like to ask you about the statement you make; “The Germans were so-called Christians; they went to church on Sunday. When the Wehrmacht soldiers or SS officers got up in the morning, before they went out on a mission, they got blest by the Chaplain of the death camp who was a Lutheran, Evangelical priest! These were the nations that brought about the Protestant Reformation, the Fathers of Evangelical Christianity!” Having searched for information on this, it would appear that most of the Christian church was opposed to the Nazis and persecuted with many of the clergy being killed as a result, with the seizure of church property etc. Can you provide me with information to support your views, which I believe give a distorted view of the true situation. This is a genuine one request and is asked in all humility. Many thanks.


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